10 PPC Trends in 2019 You Need to Know For Google Ads Campaigns


PPC or Pay Per Click is an online marketing model through which content creators have the chance to earn money from the advertiser’s every time a viewer clicks their ad. It is the most popular form of online marketing of products and services. 

2018 was an excellent year for PPC, and it opened new doors for content creators and the advertisers as well. We also saw huge changes, for instance, AdWords by Google was rebranded as Google Ads which introduced a lot of cool new features, tools, enhancements and targeting options.

Not only Google but, Bing Ads also introduced new features and enhancements. They improved their targeting options which made it a lot easier for the advertisers to reach their desired target audience and as a result, increase their sales.

PPC focused more on the customization through which ads were placed on the basis of the search results of the audience.

For instance, if someone searched about a specific topic, they would start seeing ads regarding that topic on the websites that use the PPC marketing model. Amazon has also improved their game in the advertising industry and has become the biggest competition for Google. 

Due to all these fantastic improvements in the PPC marketing model, we are excited to see what 2019 has in store for PPC.

However, some critical PPC trends are expected in 2019 which will change the game for the PPC marketing model. Given below are the 2019 PPC trends and important PPC tips for 2019 that will bring revolutionary changes in the online advertising industry.

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Google AdWords

1 - The trend of Google keywords might die:

Until last year, keywords played a significant role in deciding the rank of the content and the placement of advertisements. However, that trend is going to die in 2019 because this year the brands are focusing more on the target audience. 

The focus has been shifted from terms and match types to people and context. According to Aaron Levy, an expert in paid online campaigns and CEO of a marketing coaching firm, keywords will not be used as a primary search lever in the year 2019.

However, not everyone shares this point of view. Other experts like Andrew Lolk is of the opinion that keywords will not lose its primary importance but, audience targeting will become as important as keywords for securing a high rank. Both of these trends are likely to be used together in 2019 according to him. 

Christi Olson from Microsoft also shares Andrew’s opinion and further adds to the theory that even though keywords will still play a major role in deciding the fate of the ads but, audience targeting will enhance it. Keywords and audience targeting will go hand in hand in 2019, predicts Christi. 

Senior Manager of Global Engagement of Microsoft, Purna Virji has advised to focus on the keywords and also on optimizing your customers so that your content can be as relevant and personalized as possible. 

2 - Human Intelligence and Automation are here to stay:

The PPC trend of utilizing human intelligence and automation were widely used in 2018, and they are here to stay for good. Google and Bing intend to introduce more smart features in 2019 to make it possible for businesses to succeed in the world of search-based marketing.

Automated bidding strategies for campaigns will be a popular PPC trend in 2019 as well. With the help of human intelligence and automation, you can save so much of your time from bidding and focus on what actually matters, which are your customers.

All the extra grunt will be borne by the machines while you focus on the needs and requirements of your loyal and potential customers. 

 3 - Diversity in PPC and Advertising alternatives:

It is expected that marketers will bring diversity to their PPC marketing strategies. Facebook marketing is growing year by year and 2019 will be biggest in advertising terms.

Amazon will continue with is Sponsored Ads and hot streaks in 2019 as well because this has been a very successful PPC marketing strategy especially for the retail brands.

E-commerce brands will be able to reach more customers due to this personalization. 

Currently, Bing Ads has been testing their new PPC marketing strategy which is known as local inventory ads. Through this, the customers will be able to see the total stock of the product as well.

So, that is expected to launch in 2019, which may motivate the customers to get their hands on the product before it goes out of stock.

Facebook has also improved their format and template for video ads by personalizing the ads. 

Google ads have improved their mobile layout which allows the viewer to access the advertiser's site upon clicking the ad easily.

Pinterest has introduced a new feature, through which the stock and price will be displayed on the product, and the customers will be able to buy the product from the site directly.

 4 - The role of Artificial Intelligence:

Even though Artificial Intelligence is expected to revolutionize the PPC marketing model but, that does not put the online campaign managers out of a job. 

However, their workload will decrease as the mainly have to decide which model will best suit their client. However, we are still not at the stage where technology can replace humans but, that time is not that far.

In 2019, Artificial Intelligence will not outperform the campaign managers but, will definitely add sophistication to the process of online campaigning. 

 5 - Cross-Channel Advertising:

Companies will continue to accept cross-channel advertising and cross-device attribution. It will become easier to coordinate multi-channel campaigns. However, this does not solve everything, and the marketers will still have to engage with their audience at every stage of the process. 

 6 - Designing the perfect ad will remain an issue:

Despite everything, designing the perfect ad will still take a lot of creativity and out of the box thinking. The machines, automation, and Artificial Intelligence have solved a lot of our problems. 

However, if the ad does not interest the customer, they will never click it. In fact, designing the perfect ad will become harder than it already is due to all the competition. In 2018, a lot of new rules have been introduced which have faded the line of good and bad.

 7 - Video ads are encouraged:

2018 was a great year for video content, especially on YouTube. A great number of content creators on YouTube have secured tens of millions of subscribers and have hit over a billion views. Hence, placing ads on YouTube is a great PPC marketing strategy for companies and big brands.

 8 - Focus on remarketing:

Experts have advised focussing on remarketing in 2019 because the conversion rates are higher than ever. By combining the remarketing strategy with Chatbot messenger format ads on Facebook, you will considerably be able to increase your ROI in 2019.

9 - Brand building will be an important PPC trend in 2019:

Last year PPC marketers were too focused on increasing the ROI that they neglected building their brands. However, this will not be excused in 2019. 

Without building the brand and creating a demand for your product, your ads and PPC marketing techniques will fall flat. In 2019, it is advised to build brands and gain loyal customers to make your ad campaigns more effective and successful.

 10 - New types of ads will be introduced:

With all the progress, it is expected that multiple new types and formats of PPC ads will be introduced in 2019. Several new features will be introduced for the PPC marketers which will introduce new PPC trends in 2019. Localization will become an essential part of Google and Bing ads. 

Due to all these new and improved PPC trends, the online marketing field is expected to become more competitive and complicated but, it will massively reward the marketers.

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