Writing a copy that converts, alone separates the newbies from the experts...

Ad copy that sells may be the missing ingredient to your success.

Not getting desired​ results from your Ad Campaigns?

If so, making the decision to hire experts to write your ad copy may be the best investment you've made in social advertising.

Bad copy can hurt your ad budget and conversions.

We have the experience to create amazing ads that will give you the best chance at increasing your conversion.

Once you have ad and targeting figured out, it will open up a floodgate of opportunity.

So if you're ready to get serious about making Facebook & Google Ads work for you, make the small investment and see the difference it makes. 

Whether your goals are to increase leads, clicks or sales we will make an Ad that has the best chance to convert and connect with your target audience.

After checkout, we'll send you a simple form so we can get a better idea of your business and ideal audience.

This will help us write the perfect copy for your next campaign.

In 72 Hours, we will deliver your order. 

And don't worry, revisions are included!

3 Easy Options To Choose From

Facebook & Google
Ad copy

Unique Ad Copy For Your Targeted Audience



  • Working time 3 days
  • 2x Ad Copies inc. 
  • Free revision inc.
  • Google or Facebook
Ad Copy Bundle

Ad Copy + Audience Research + Ad Copy For Retargeting



  • Working time 3 days
  • 2x Ad Copies inc.
  • 2x retargeting Ads inc.
  • Google or Facebook
  • Audience research


Select one of the three options to suit your needs.


After checkout, fill out a quick questionnaire.


Your order will be delivered in 72 hours.



​Customer stories

Mark Thornton

All I had to do was handover the URL and answer few quick questions. Team at Global Link picked up all the USP's I wanted to use for campaign.

Jane Doe 

As a repeat buyer, I really liked your wordings for my Google ads . Images are great. Thanks for your business.

Sarah Gallagher

Impressed with the fast delivery. Ad copy, image, and targeting all looks good - saved me time which is exactly what I was looking for.

Google & Facebook Ads That Convert!

If you want Facebook ads that perform, you need ad copy that sells, imagery that stops the scroll, and targeting that is relevant to the product or service that you're linking to.

Our team of creative writers and marketers will give you the best chance to succeed.

People expect good service but few are willing to give it.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Global Link Services we honestly believe it is the quality of our customer service that ensures the longevity of customer relationships.


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