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In this article, we take a look at some of the digital solutions available which will help to improve your interactive marketing.

Interactive marketing is one of the more interesting and helpful aspects of the marketing industry and if you are looking to better market your services, interactive marketing is something that you’ll want to look into.

While it is as helpful as it is, a lot of people don’t use it frequently or simply aren’t aware of how they can advantage of it to benefit them.

What is Interactive Marketing?

Generally, interactive marketing gathers a variety of information from the user, or customer, in order to provide marketing content which is more specific to that user’s interests. In most cases, this information is gathered through quizzes and similar methods.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most common type of interactive marketing. The user types a search term into the search engine (providing the search engine with what they are interested in and what they are looking for), and are then shown a list of websites which are most relevant to what they’re looking for.

The main thing to keep in mind is that anything that requires the user to click or enter information, can be defined as interactive marketing.

Types of Interactive Marketing

Below there is a list of the most common types of interactive marketing.

Quizzes. If you’ve ever been on social media before then the chances are that you’ve participated in this specific type of interactive marketing. Quizzes are the most common type out there and are probably one of the easiest. If you haven’t used interactive marketing before, starting off with a quiz is a great place to start.

Contests. The best way to take advantage of hosting a contest for interactive marketing purposes is to take advantage of your followings on social media. Additionally, contests are generally a great way to grow your social media profiles and grow your brand overall.

Infographics. Last but not least, infographics. These are my personal favourite as if created properly, they can be fun and informative. Of course, you must make the infographic interactive. Infographics are typically very visually appealing with smooth and colourful designs, thus are great for marketing in general.

Remember, these are just some of the most common types of interactive marketing. If you can think of anything which not only requires the user to interact with it, but also provides you with information that allows you to better target the users interests, you can consider that as interactive marketing as well.

The Pros and Cons


– If you take the time to create your interactive content, put the effort into it, and don’t force it out before it’s ready, you will see fantastic results.
– As mentioned above, interactive content can be used to gather feedback and further information about your customers, social media followings, and the type of people who check out your website.
– If you continue to post relevant and enticing content regularly, you are able to grow a consistent group of customers (or followers) who have similar interests. This can be very useful with marketing and if done properly, you can use this to your advantage.


– The biggest con when it comes to interactive marketing is that it can take a while to put together a proper piece of work. If rushed, your analytics won’t be fantastic and your content will fail to do its job. While time consuming, results can be seen.
– Carrying on from the previous point, if you don’t have the time to create a piece of interactive content on your own then you would seek to pay someone to get the job done. While this may save you time, it can be very expensive to do.

Digital Solutions for Creating Interactive Marketing Content

Interactive marketing

Once you have an understanding of how to use interactive content, what interactive content is, and how you can use interactive content to benefit your own marketing campaign, it’s time to create your own interactive content.

Now, you are able to create interactive content on your own or with the help of digital solutions provided by web platforms such as WordPress, although there are a variety of tools available to help you create interactive content. Using these tools will not only make the creation process a lot easier,but this digital solutions can save you a lot of time thus allowing you to spend more time on other aspects of your marketing campaign.

Below are some of the digital solutions tools for interactive content creation and plugins available out there.

Mapme. Mapme is a tool which can be highly customizes for interactive marketing. Whether you want to highlight areas where the oil industry is more active or you wanted to pinpoint where certain monuments are located. With Mapme, you can do it all.

Note: an alternative to Mapme, if you aren’t too happy with it, is Uebermaps.

Apester. Apester is an incredibly helpful tool to have on your side and can be used to create a variety of interactive content. The main type of content that I’d recommend using this for is quizzes as this is what I’ve found it to be most effective in creating.

When You Create Interactive Marketing Content

When you are creating your interactive content, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind.

Relevancy. Keep the content relevant to the industry which you are focused on. If you are a part of the food industry, do as best you can to keep your content focused on this area. There are a few reasons for doing this although ultimately, if you are to post content which isn’t relevant to your industry, you are risking losing your current customer base.

Regularly, But Not Too Regularly. Once you get the hang of creating interactive content, you will begin to see results and will notice how helpful it can be. You may be inclined to up the ante and start publishing more and more interactive content. This is in fantastic spirit, although you must fight against this urge. It’s great to post regular interactive content (perhaps once or twice a month), although if you post too regularly your results will become too unreliable.

To Conclude…

If you haven’t already tried to incorporate interactive marketing into your marketing campaign, then I highly suggest doing so now. Not only is it something which will benefit you in the long run from a marketing perspective, but if you take advantage of quizzes and such, you are able to gather information about the users who use your website.

Simply put, interactive marketing is often underused and is something which I, personally, find to drastically improve marketing campaigns. If you’re on the edge about using it, try it on a small scale before going big!

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