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Global Link is a forward thinking, creative and insightful digital marketing firm based in Manchester, England.

With an ever increasing dedication to quality and innovation, Global Link understand how to help clients generate awareness on their brands, products or services, as well as engaging people within a rapidly shifting and fast-paced market such as the current economic landscape worldwide.

The internet, in particular, can be a remarkably useful resource and it is now indispensable for businesses of all walks of life in order to be taken seriously by the audience and to succeed and grow in the market.

Having said that, there are many challenges that come with the endeavor of promoting your business online. Understanding the way the main platforms (including Google and other search engines) work might not always be easy, and even more importantly, the competition you will be facing is staggeringly huge.

Individuals and businesses are online right now, and every single one is trying to reach out to an audience and conquer a slice of the market. It’s important to understand which resources, techniques and strategy can help your business gain an edge and move ahead of the crowd to outsmart, out-pace and out-perform your competitors.

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Global Link – Creative, Effective, Affordable services.


With such a mind-set, Global Link offers services within the search engine optimization (SEO) and web design sphere, with a particular focus on helping websites gain more visibility through improving their search engine rankings, as well as through providing affordable SEO services that will make your online presence more productive and effective.

Global Link’s philosophy is very well imprinted within the company’s name: “Global” because the internet opened up a wider and larger market than ever before, and “Link” because it is very important to truly connect with the audience, generating trust to clever branding, original content and more importantly great SEO performances at affordable rates and amazing search engine rankings which will open new revenue streams for your business.

Any questions? Contact one of our friendly team members who always will assist your inquiry. Follow us on social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ for regular news and updates.

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Master graduate in Digital marketing, creative professional who creates and delivers comprehensive strategies to drive online revenue and traffic, improve conversion rates and deliver tangible results for clients. Husband, father, lover of adventure with #passion4digital

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