Whats is Google Ads Quality Score And How To Improve!

Google Ads Quality Score Factors in 2020

Google ads quality score and high converting Google ads have the power to generate large volumes of conversions and clicks if it is directly relevant to the target audience.


This is the basic goal of every business but the creation of high quality ads is not that easy. Also, assessing how well your campaign is doing is also extremely crucial.


This is where Google’s quality score can be a blessing as it helps you massively in guiding you through the process of creating high quality ads.

Google’s quality score is vital and its importance cannot be neglected. Thus, in this piece of article, we will guide you through ads quality score and how it can be enhanced for your good this year.


What is a Google quality score metric?

Quality score is a metric that is calculated for each keyword that is targeted for your audience. It explains the strength of your ads campaign and the relevance of your ad to your target audience.


It basically assesses your ads for quality and trust and ensures you that your campaign is wonderful.

Even if your ads are lacking quality, it will let you know which will make it easier for you to understand where your ad lacks behind in performance and quality.


The best feature about quality score is that it informs you everything beforehand. It lets you know whether your ads are going to do well or not before you run them.


To put it simply, it is a rating of your ads quality and relevance. Furthermore, it aids in determining the CPC (Cost per Click) too.



Factors affecting your Google Ads Quality Score depend on few common mistakes made by newbies.

Your Google Ads Quality Score heavily relies on several factors. Here are some of the factors that it depends upon:


  • Keyword relevance to the ads group
  • The quality and relevance of the landing page
  • Ad text relevance
  • The Google Ads account performance history
  • Your CTR (Click through rate)


Google understands the importance of all of these 5 factors and the role they play in the algorithm of the quality score. But according to the stats and researches, Click through Rate is one of the most crucial factors for your quality score.



As more and more people from your target audience, click the ads when they eel it; it plays a huge positive role in your quality score. It tells Google that your ads are relevant and that the target audience finds them wonderful too. If your quality score is great, Google tends to reward you with the following:



  • Lower costs
  • High ad ranking

How to improve your Google Ads Quality Score?

So now that you know what Google quality score is, you do understand the importance of it being high and appropriate. If your ads lack a good quality score, then your business might never attain the presence that you would be dreaming about. Therefore, we have summed up some ways through which you can improve your google quality score for better. Let’s get started!



Tight Keyword Groups:


Keywords play a huge vital role in your Google Ads quality score, that’s why you need to make sure you make tight keyword groups. 


If your keywords are messy and are spread all over, then there are high chances that your ad will lose its relevance and won’t show up in search either. This usually happens in smaller businesses as they don’t pay much attention to their keyword groups.


The key is to make hyper targeted ad campaigns. These will have smaller keyword groups but will have much better and positive outcomes. Using negative keywords is also very essential as they tend to help in eliminating the likelihood of you, appearing in irrelevant search.



This means that this will further aid you in enhancing your CTR too which are the most important factor for your quality score.



Avoid the Broad Match Types:


You must avoid the broad match types by all means as they are the ultimate asset to bring negative results for your ads campaign. You can also call it a death trap for your ads; thus look out for them and avoid them by all means.



Although the broad match types tries to show you up in all the relevant results as possible but that doesn’t just come this easy. It can bring you impressions but it comes with a cost. 



For instance, your keyword is painter. With the broad match types, you are going to show up in all the irrelevant searches too. From interior painting to painting classes and much more; you can appear in anything which basically boosts your irrelevance largely.


Thus, utilizing phrase match keywords or exact match keywords is preferred over broad match types. For keeping everything on the right track, you can take help of the negative keywords and the job is done!



Smartphones must be kept in Mind:


Your low quality score on smartphones can affect your performance on mobile phones heavily. With our smarter generation using smartphones the most, you don’t want your quality score to be low on the mobile.



In order to boost your CTR on smartphones, you must choose mobile friendly ad extensions. You can also add call extensions for enhancing your CTR which will ultimately result in boosting your quality score.



Dynamic Keyword Insertion can be very Helpful:


Dynamic Keyword Insertion allows your quality score to be enhanced and makes your ad campaign magnificent too. This actually swaps some phrases out of the description or headline so that your search can be extended but can also be kept extremely relevant. Thus it adds up to the relevance of your ad campaign largely and improves your CTR magically.

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There is not denying in the fact that Google Ads Quality Score is extremely crucial in keeping an eye on your ad campaign relevance and quality. They not only identify your ad campaign’s health and relevance but they help in affecting your CPC’s and ads ranking as well.


Enhancing your quality score is basically going to help you in boosting your impressions and your ad rank as well. The need of creating high quality ads is equally important for all businesses as it brings in a lot of conversions and clicks.


The simple and easy to use strategies that promise to boost your quality score can actually help you in keeping an eye on your ad relevance. If you are struggling to get your ad campaign and quality score right, and then try inculcating these above mentioned, simple 4 tips!


Improving the quality score is going to take some time and tactics but after some error, you will definitely get everything figured out.


You won’t regret spending time and effort at it, at all because the investment is worth it. It will boost your ad camping massively that will certainly bring loads of conversions which is amazing for your business.


You can also find lots of helpful information and tips on official Google Webmaster Blog

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